Our Process Address Real Life Issues

What we have observed is that the financial services industry, as a whole, is fragmented. The model has been to produce a product and then sell it to someone whether they need it or not. And sometimes a life event happens which leads you to believe they have just what you need.

FOR EXAMPLE: We met a prospect with low cost basis stock where the accountant says can’t sell because of taxes, his estate planner says put it in a CRT, insurance advisor recommends a 2nd to die policy, broker says put a collar around it, and the investment advisor says diversify its too risky – who’s right?

All could be appropriate advice, but the advice was given in a vacuum, without an understanding of goals and it leaves the investor in the middle trying to make a decision.


We consider life events as we develop a financial plan for you and your family. We consider how you live your life – your children, your aging parents, your career ambitions, your philanthropic notions. Because we know that each of these life issues has a distinct financial component and implication. – SVWA with their strategic partners will take a comprehensive view so as to bring you independent objective advice. We will act as a single point of contact for you, bringing new insights, education and alternatives to you and your family so that you are empowered to make the right choices for your family.