Investment Management

As a high net worth investor, you demand more from your investment managers.  And you should:  you’ve got more to lose. Your investment management needs to be far more disciplined and favor tax-efficient strategies over taking on more risk.

That’s why we provide a unique service tailored your needs:

  • a higher level of risk management
  • a higher level of oversight
  • use of specialist managers (not generalists)
  • efficient broad diversification
  • focus on after-tax results 

Manager of Managers

As your wealth grows, you need more than just a casual, passive investment approach.  Our solution is to use a “Manager of Managers” process. This structure, used extensively by institutions to manage risk, is based on the Nobel Prize-winning work of Harry Max Markowitz, an American economist and professor at UCSD.  

How does this process work? 

First, we get to know your needs, goals and risk tolerance through our in-depth interview and financial mapping process.  We then develop an Investment Policy Statement for you. 

The purpose of the Investment Policy Statement is to document your goals and objectives and to outline the rules and strategies according to which your money should be invested. 

Then, we work with one of our partner firms who employs the manager of managers process using your Investment Policy Statement as their guide.  

What’s the history of the “Manager of Managers” approach?

The manager of managers’ approach was developed from disciplined behavioral and analytical research, focusing on the psychology of an individual investor.  The process focuses on asset allocation and diversification among asset classes — two critical determinants of investment planning success. 

One of the key principles of the Manager of Managers investment philosophy is the use of multiple specialist managers. Research shows it is virtually impossible to “time” the market by guessing which style of investing will be in favor. 

So to implement superior asset management strategies, our partners select the very best investment talent from a global network of institutional money managers who specialize in specific sectors of the market.  Instead of timing, these managers focus on maximizing investment results based on their knowledge of a particular industry or sector.  Each manager is monitored closely. 

 What’s the benefit of this approach? 

At most investment management firms, one person is responsible for managing your money.  That person is likely a generalist without any specialization in any particular sector or asset class. 

Our approach brings a whole other level of oversight and discipline to the management of your assets. This unique approach helps give you peace of mind that your money is receiving a very high level of expert attention and monitoring.  

Clear Reporting of After-Tax Earnings

With our focus on tax reduction strategies, your investment goals will likely be to maximize after-tax alpha (your return after taxes). 

Our unique reporting shows you exactly how much you’re making, after taxes, due to these tax-efficient strategies.  That transparency helps you monitor your progress and our work for you. 

Frequent, Constant Communication

Your money is important and you should have updated, detailed information at your fingertips.  We utilize the most secure and sophisticated online technology to provide a dashboard with a detailed living balance sheet updated daily.  You can access this information anywhere, anytime, so you can always check on your financial status. 

We’ll also keep in touch with you frequently.  That means:

  • Frequent meetings
  • Phone calls returned quickly
  • Easy access by phone, email or text

Basically, we’re on call for you and your family. If there’s a financial decision to be made, we’re here to help you research your options.