Asset Safety and Security

 Recent high-profile investment news stories may have increased your concerns about protecting your assets from fraud or institutional failure.

Your financial advisor has established a relationship with SEI Private Trust Company (SPTC), a federally chartered, limited purpose savings association that provides custodial and personal trust services. It adheres to extensive federally mandated controls, which are audited by independent and internal auditors and designed to prevent fraudulent activity.

What does that mean to investors like you?

  • Your assets are not co-mingled with SPTC’s assets.

All client assets are held in an account under the client’s name, so trust-company creditors have no claim to your assets. 

  • Your assets are not used as collateral for lending activities.

SPTC does not participate in margin lending. It cannot pledge, lend or margin client assets held in its custody.

  • SPTC maintains custody of your assets.

Our third-party money managers are granted access to trade securities on our platform – SPTC does not send client funds to these firms. Your assets are held in our safekeeping as long as you remain with us.


Bank and Trust Companies
Outsource their own systems, accounting
and processes to SEI Private Trust Company.


  1. Since SEI Private Trust Company is a trust institution – not a bank or brokerage firm – your assets are segregated from SEI’s and they are custodied in your name. This means trust-company creditors have no claim to your assets.
  2. SEI Private Trust Company, like other trust companies, may not pledge, lend, or margin assets that are held in custody. 
  3. Providing a final layer of protection, SEI Private Trust Company is regularly audited by independent and internal auditors and are subject to routine examination by the federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.


Since January 2001, high-net-worth investors have relied on SEI Private Trust Company, in cooperation with their financial advisors, for confidentiality and safekeeping of their assets as they travel to their financial destinations. And we pledge to continue to earn that trust by providing security and safety for your assets at every step along the way.

*Investments held in a trust account are not protected from loss of value or from losses resulting from the management strategy employed. There is no assurance the goals of the strategies discussed will be met. Diversification may not protect against market risk.